Blog by Morten Gjermundsen.

15th august 2007. Not so much of a blog,or what ? Anyway..I got a new camera last week.Its a Sony H-7...To see some pics, take a look here

15th august 2007. Today i got the mandolin.Im so far it both sound and looks great.To see some pics, take a look here

8th august 2007. On the sunday (5th august 2007) i sold my first song on soundclick.Of course i had to celebrate.First i didnt know what to do with all these money,but on monday i whet to the local music store and bought myself a new guitar,an pod xt and a bass.I also ordered a mandolin.They didnt have the kind of mandolin i wanted,i picked one from a catalog they had.I will post pics of it when i get it.It really looks great.anyway..I took some pics of my new Cort bass and the Takamine guitar. take a look here I will use these on my new recording.No more fake bass synths. :P

5th august 2007.First blog entery.